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Battlefield 2 is a FPS Military Simulator game, Developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by EA Games and released on June 2005.The third game of the Battlefield series won "Best Online Multiplayer 2005" Award from Game Critics Awards.

Battlefield 2, a FPS, Military, Simulator, game, Developed, by Digital Illusions CE, and, published, by EA Games, and released, on june 2005, The third, game, of, the, Battlefield, series, won, Best, Online, Multiplayer, 2005, Award, from, Game, Critics, Awards,

Battlefield 2

Is a multiplayer game, And single player mode includes three difficulty levels. 
The player can choose between US Marine Corps, The Chinese People's Liberation Army or The Middle Eastern Coalition.
The game focuses more on team play and squad tactics rather than the solo action.

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