ARMA 2 Demo Download for Pc + Cheapest Price To Buy The Complete Collection

ARMA 2 is a military simulator game developed and published by Bohemia interactive in 2009.
ARMA 2 Demo is a free to play edition from ARMA game series, over more it's one of the best first person shooter games for PC during the years 2009/2010.

ARMA 2, is a, military, simulator, game, developed, and, published, by, Bohemia, interactive, on, 2009, ARMA 2, Client, is a, free, to play, edition, from, ARMA, games, series, over, more, its, one, of, the, best, first, person, shooter, games, for, pc, during, the, years, 2009/2010,

Players are sent as a member of United States Marine's Force Recon Squad to a Soviet Country called Chernarus.

Download Free ARMA 2 Demo Game for PC 

= Minimal System Requirements =
- OS: Windows XP/Vista
- CPU: Dual Core 3.0/Intel Core 2.0/AMD Athlon 3200+
- RAM: 1GB
- Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 7800/ATI Radeon X1800 256MB VRAM

Enjoy this free demo game from ARMA series 

Buy ARMA 2 Complete Collection

The collection contains:
- ARMA II: Army of the Chech Republic
- ARMA II: British Armed Forces
- ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead
- ARMA II: Private Military Company

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